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Hello, Summer! Focus on the décolleté

MBR - Fókuszban a dekoltázs

June is here! So it’s the season of bright sunshine and lush summer dresses that leave shoulders and necklines bare. While looking after your body is important all year round, this is the season for a flattering neckline.

Master beauticians say that daily facial care extends to the breasts, as the neck and décolletage can quickly show the signs of age and neglect.

To keep your summer décolletage glowing and healthy, there are a few important things to consider.


For skin care of the neck and décolleté

MBR - Fókuszban a dekoltázs

Here are some MBR® tips and practices:

It is important to remove dead skin cells and promote the renewal of new skin cells. Exfoliation helps maintain a healthy glow and smoothness of the skin.
The décolletage area is a very sensitive area, so we don’t recommend a mechanical exfoliator for this, but rather the enzymatic Beta-Enzyme or even better, the Overnight Refiner, which just needs to be smoothed on in the evening before your moisturiser and will work gently all night to wake up with smooth, silky skin.

Skin firming products:
If you want to firm and tone the skin on your décolletage, choose skin tightening products that contain collagen, hyaluronic acid or peptides. These ingredients can help strengthen the skin’s structure and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
MBR® created Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate, the invisible bra, specifically for this purpose. Its special ingredient is a special extract of MultiEx Phytrogen 8 organic herbs, which has an active botox effect, a powerful firming, anti-wrinkle, tissue lifting serum.

Regular moisturising:

The skin of the décolleté can be particularly prone to dryness, especially in the hot summer months. Therefore, moisturise this area regularly. MBR® Cell-Power Neck & Décolleté Cream is the neck and décolleté specialist!

Besides moisturising factors, hyaluronic acid, Pentavitin®, its main active ingredient Phytosan™ K from organic soybean counteracts premature ageing of the skin caused by biological and UV radiation. It protects the skin from energy loss caused by UV radiation and stimulates the skin’s regenerative functions. Increases collagen production, improves skin firmness, reduces roughness and the depth of wrinkles.

Protected Sun bathing

Intense sun exposure can make the décolleté area particularly vulnerable and easily damaged. Always use an appropriate sunscreen for the décolleté, which offers a high factor protection against harmful UV rays. Remember to shade and wear a hat or cap when sunbathing to protect your décolleté from the harmful effects of the sun.

MBR® has a special sunscreen system based on the latest advances in biotechnology, with the most innovative UV protection and cell protection.MBR® High Protection Cream SPF 50
With the right care for your décolleté, you’ll have no problem with a low-cut, linen summer dress, all you have to do is enjoy the summer and get the looks!